Our Vision

To be a growth oriented organization creating value for our customers with advanced products, generating reasonable profit for our company and delighting our stakeholders through innovation and excellence in all our activities.

To be considered as the best place to work in the industry by focusing on equal opportunity, competence enhancement and people involvement.

Demonstrate high standards of Corporate Governance and commitment towards society and environment.

Our Mission

CIVIMEC Engineering will provide the highest quality end products to our customers in their respective industries. Our team is committed to global excellence as a customer focused equipment manufacturer upholding quality and ethical standards as the backbone of progressive growth.

We will leverage our engineering and management competences to achieve growth by offering our customers new and innovative solutions.

We will give our employees the opportunity for both personal and professional growth

Our combined dedication, innovation, diversity and integrity will lead us to be a high performing organization creating new opportunities and environmentally sustainable solutions brining value to all our stakeholders.